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Program Outline & Course Schedule

Program Outline

The courses include lectures, seminars, practical exercises in the laboratory and field and concludes with a master's thesis. The students are comprehensively trained through a close fit of theory and practice. The entire course is offered in English and is aimed at international and German students. (For the JPG-Version of the program outline click here)

Course Title Type Hrs./Week ECTS
Theories & Models Lecture 2 5
Advanced Training Methods Lecture 2 5
Influencing Factors Seminar 2 5
Advances in Technologie Seminar 2 5
Information Management Seminar 2 5
Research Methods Seminar 2 5

Course Title Type Hrs./Week ECTS
Diagnostic Methods Seminar 2 5
Monitoring Technology Seminar 2 5
Research Project Skills Seminar 2 5
Data Analysis & Interpretation Seminar 2 5
Science Communication Seminar 2 5
Current Trends Seminar 2 5

Course Title Type Hrs./Week ECTS
Interaction of Science & Application Seminar 2 5
Science Club Seminar 2 5
Internship Practical 2 10
Elective Subject:      
Intervention & Implementation Project      
- Health Seminar 2 5
- Performance      

Course Title Type Hrs./Week ECTS
Master Thesis Thesis   30
    Total ECTS: 120

When applying for the first semester of the master's program, you will go through the standard application process. Previously completed courses or classes (e.g., at other universities, from another master's program, or from another sports science program) can be credited retrospectively within the first semester. The master's program's examination committee is responsible for determining the recognition. Please inquire beforehand about which credits can be recognized. Practical courses from the field of sports (e.g., soccer, basketball, track and field or swimming) from other programs generally cannot be credited.

When applying to a higher semester, it's important to consider that admission is only possible if there are available slots within the master program. Typically, to apply to a higher semester, you should have 30 ECTS credits of transferable coursework per semester (e.g., 30 ECTS when applying to the 2nd semester). The examination committee decides on the recognition of the ECTS credits necessary for admission.

You can find the recognition forms at the University of Würzburg's examination office. The recognition process may take 3-4 weeks, so plan your transfer in advance.

For students switching programs, early and personal consultation with the program advisor is strongly recommended.

For the Master's program in Exercise Science and Training, please contact Dr. Florian Engel.


Information and forms for the recognition of credits from the central examination office of the University of Würzburg can be found here:

Examination Office of the University of Wuerzburg

For students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, pursuing their studies can often be challenging. Regulations regarding accommodations or compensatory measures aim to ensure that these students have equal study and examination conditions. For these students the University of Würzburg has a central point of contact: KIS – Contact and Information Center for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses. Here, you can find information about accommodation regulations and additional support options available during your studies.

What are the possibilities for admission to the program?

In cases of hardship, 2% of the available slots in a program are reserved. Currently, this program is not subject to admission restrictions. If you have questions regarding accommodations for the suitability assessment process, you can contact the KIS.

What accommodations are available for examinations during the program?

For information on accommodations during examinations, the KIS is there to assist you. You will find an "Information Brochure on Accommodations" that also explains areas related to diagnosed dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Contact and Information Center for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

What should I always keep in mind, and who are the additional points of contact?

We kindly ask you to also contact the Faculty Study Dean's Office to plan specific measures in any case. Furthermore, the Faculty of Human Sciences has appointed a representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. The KIS maintains an overview of all current faculty representatives at the University of Würzburg.

Faculty Study Deans's Office