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Important web tools and websites

During your studies at the University of Würzburg there are some online tools and websites you will need to work with on a regualar basis. 

Here you can find shortcut to each tool/website and a short descriptions below. 


The main site for course registration, exam registration, your timetable, the certificate of enrolment and much more. Help for Wuestudy can be found here.


After registering for a course you will find all its material on this website, like scripts, exercise sheer, lecture slides and more.


This is the university mail service. After enrollment you will be able to log in here with your s-number. 


This is a downloadportal for programs like Mathematica, Origins and much more. Most of them are free for students of the University of Würzburg.

Library catalogue: 

If you are looking for books for your studies you can search for them in the university library catalog, there you will see if its available and its position.