Institut für Sportwissenschaft


100 % of the lectures, courses and seminars are held in english.

The master's thesis must be written in english.

The mandatory internship in the 3rd semester is not exclusively bound to the english language, but the final report of the internship has to be written in english!

Although all lectures, courses, seminars and exams are held in English it is highly recommended to attend a German language course as

(1) the internship during the 3rd semester may be done at a German sports club, sports federation, institute or the like


(2) it is highly recommended to work “in the field” parallel to the master’s studies to gain as much practical experiences besides the studies as possible.

You can find an overview of all the courses in Wuestudy. Here you can also register for them and look at your timetable and more. Wuestudy might be overwhelming at first, but you can find help here.

You will find most of your material (scripts, exercise sheets, lecture slides...) on WueCampus. You should get access to your courses on WueCampus after registering for them on Wuestudy. For a few courses it is also possible to buy scripts from the students council.

International students can apply for a place in a student hall of residence or find private accommodation in Würzburg. Prices for housing are reasonable and range from 150 to 350 EUR per months for a single room. Information on housing can be found online here

Or visit

Information about current costs and financing possibilities can be found here.

The Language Center of the University of Würzburg offers German courses before and during the semester.

These courses are free of charge for exchange students.

More information can be found here

The University of Würzburg offers the help of tutors, they are students who have been in Würzburg for some time and help you during your first couple of weeks.

Student Tutors

Another source of help is the student council, which can be reached by email.

They offer guidance with all kinds of problems and much more, some more information can be found on their website.


As soon as you have completed enrolment, you will receive a student card.

With the student card, you can:

  • Use all local public transportation in Würzburg. You can find further information about the semester ticket and a plan of the routes for which your ticket is valid here
  • Make cashless payments in the cafeterias and copy and print stations at the University of WürzburgBorrow library items from the university libraries

But remember to validate your student card (print the date of the current semester on it), otherwise you wont be able to pay with it or use public transportation. You can find the closest validation machine either in the central library on campus south or the card-service-center on Campus Hubland North (Oswald-Külpe-Weg 82)

Würzburg offers an extensive and very reliable public transportation network of buses and trams.

You will find complete details on connections, prices, timetables, route planning and everything else on their website  (be aware that the website is in german language only) or via the "VVM App".

VVM App for iOS

VVM App for Android

Students at Würzburg University enjoy free access to all buses and trams in and around the city center. 

The adress of the Institut of Sport Science is:

Judenbühlweg 11
97082 Würzburg

Google Maps

If you travel by car the adress for the parking space is:

Mergentheimer Straße 76
97082 Würzburg

Google Maps


If you travel by public transport the tram station is

You can reach the Institute via the tram lines 3 & 5 (approx. each 7 minutes)

The most important and helpful web tools and websites you will need on a regular basis during your study period in Würzburg can be found here:

Mandatory web tools and websites during study time

Study scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service:

Study Scholarships - Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines


Student scholarchips for students of the eurpean union and partners:


Inquiring minds may wonder whether it is possible to apply for the master's program in Exercise Science & Training without having yet received their bachelor's degree certificate. The answer is yes: at Würzburg University, prospective students who are still awaiting their bachelor's degree certificate at the time of the master's program application deadline are welcome to apply. However, they must submit their bachelor's degree certificate later, no later than September 15th.

If, for any reason, the student is unable to obtain their bachelor's degree certificate by September 15th, they must furnish either (a) preliminary confirmation of their grade from the examination office (Referat 2.3 Prüfungsamt), if it has already been determined or (b) a preliminary confirmation from their bachelor thesis supervisor indicating that the thesis will receive at least a grade of XX if the thesis has not yet been graded by the deadline. This confirmation must be submitted to the examination office, which will then provide the aforementioned preliminary confirmation [cf. (a)].

Please keep in mind that while this is the process that Würzburg University follows, it may not necessarily be the same at other universities. Thus, students from other institutions are advised to contact their university's examination office for guidance.