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About the Program

Master of Science (M.Sc.): Exercise Science & Training (ExSciT)

At the intersection between science and practice, qualified professionals with different skills are needed, especially for the conceptual development, planning and dissemination of physical activity, training and other lifestyle (e.g., sleep, nutrition) processes into practice.​

The development, implementation and evaluation of exercise and training to maintain and improve performance and health are important international research topics in different populations - from sedentary individuals to (high) performance athletes. 

Degree Awarded                        Master of Science

Standard Duration                     2 years (4 Semesters), full time

ECTS                                            120

Loacation                                    University of Würzburg and online

Language                                    English (Master’s thesis composed in English)

Application Deadline                 June 15th

Starting dates                             Winter term (Mid October)

Responsibility                             Prof. Dr. Billy Sperlich; PD Dr. Florian Engel

The aim of this master program is to qualify graduate students to design, implement and evaluate (advanced) evidence-informed frameworks for different target groups and individuals to regain, improve or maintain health or performance.

The master program “Exercise Science & Training (MSc) aims at individuals who have a strong affinity at the interface between science and evidence-informed exercise practice in different populations. Students should have a special interest in scientific work as well as in training practice and lifestyle factors (e.g., physical activity, nutrition, sleep) related to health, fitness and/or competitive sports.

The aim of the master's program is to provide

(1) students with in-depth knowledge of current models, theories, and methods in the context of sport and exercise science


(2) skills to structure and critically assess methods and technologies to design, implement and evaluate training and lifestyle framework/concepts related to performance and health.

The Master’s program in Exercise Science and Training aims, to qualify graduates for an employment in leading positions at the interface between science and (sports) practice.

Career prospects with responsibility arise e.g., in health care providers, federations in (inter)national competitive and top-class sport, or in businesses with research and development targets. Typical job titles are “Science Coordinator”, “Chief Science Officer”, “Sports Performance Analyst” or similar.

The completion of the M.Sc. also allows to apply for doctoral studies.