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Institute for Sport Science

Bachelor 'Sport Science'

Bachelor 'Sport Science'

Seeking a bachelor's degree in 'Sport Science'

All relevant information regarding degree organization, application and enrollment, subject changes, credit acceptance and cases of hardships. 


Information about the study program

Study focus: Health and Pedagogy of Movement

  • Bachelor major with 75 Credit Points
  • Only possible in combination with a second major subject (75 ECTS)
    Possible combinations (for 2 major variations) / combination rules)
  • The degree program is restricted to 35 students per year
  • Whether you will be admitted into the program depends on the numerus clauses (NC).
  • The threshold of the NC is set annually. The NCs of the last years can be looked at online. An improvement of the NC is NOT possible. 
    However, there is a  reserved number for certain groups and the possibility to apply for in special and hardship cases
  • Starting our program with the first semester is only possible in the winter term. 
  • You can apply and enrol online. (Restricted admission degree programmes)
  • Direct link to the application  (only possible during registration period)
  • Please note the dates and deadlines. (for a winter semester July 15, for a summer semester January 15)


  • Prerequisite is the "Allgemeine Hochschulreife" (equivalent to 'A Level')
    or a subject-linked university entrance qualification in the field of social affairs (find more information here)
  • A sports aptitude test is NOT necessary and does not count towards the NC. 


  • Motor activities are not part of the evaluation of the study program. The motor / practical share equals approximately 5-10% of the total semester hours per week. 
  • The program teaches fundamental principles of the study of sport sciences (see overview of the study program)
  • The module manuals and study descriptions can be found online (currently only available in German).

Future perspectives

With the practice-oriented, six-semester program 'Sport Science' at JMU Würzburg you qualify for a wide range of health-related fields of action in which preventative work is carried out with the help of exercise and movement programs. 

Potential employers can be found predominantly in the private sector (e.g. clinics, health insurance companies, recreation centers) but also in the public sector (e.g. sports clubs, sports associations and municipalities).

The core content of the study program represents a comprehensive training that enables the student for the conception, implementation and evaluation of health-promoting exercise and movement programs. The recipient-oriented competencies and techniques can be particularly applied in the area of prevention in order to preserve individual health and to counteract typical side effects of an inactive way of life (e.g. obesity, back pain) and other indications (e.g. stress, psychosomatic disorders). 

The key qualifications and principles from the field of exercise and movement pedagogy equip the graduates with a broad foundation of knowledge and competencies in the fields of health, education and sport sciences which can be applied flexible and independently in different health and movement-related occupational fields. 

Further questions?

What does it mean to have two majors? Which 2nd subject is most suitable? Do I need a high school diploma or a subject-related degree? How does it work studying two subjects at once? 

Please also note our FAQs.

Credit approval / Program Changing / Application for a higher semester

If you apply for the first semester, you must go through the usual application process. Past achievements (for example from other universities, from a teacher's program class or another Bachelor's combination) can be accredited during the period of the first semester. The examination board holds the power of decision. Please find out in advance which of your achievements are suitable. Practical classes from the sports teaching program are usually not approved. 

In case you intend to apply for a higher semester, there is no admission restriction in form of a numerus clausus (NC). However, admission is only possible if places are available. To apply for a higher semester, you need at least 15 ECTS per subject and semester (e.g. 30 ECTS if you apply for the second semester). The examination boards of both departments will decide on the approval of the ECTS required for the admission. Usually, a maximum of 50% can be accredited from a completed teacher training program. In this way, 2 to 3 additional semesters of study are required to complete the degree.  

Form sheets for the recognition process can be found at the examination office. Please note that this proeces may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. So plan your change in time.

If you plan to change your program, it is strongly recommended to consult both subject advisers in advance. 

For the subject 'Sport Science' please refer to Mr. Siebe. 


We are sorry that all our materials are currently only available in German. 

  • Vortragsfolien zur Orientierungsvorlesung: Sportwissenschaft studieren - Theorie und Praxis eines Faches

Information about the study program (NEW) (starting from WS 2015/2016)

Study regulations (OLD) (program start until WS2014/2015)

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